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Hi Max,
I just want to let you know that my fin arrived yesterday. It looks great and has not been damaged from transport. Thanks for packaging it well. I tried it in the pool today, and even though this is my first monofin I can say that I am extremely happy. It looks very well made, it fits my feet perfectly. My feet ache after about 15 minutes of swimming but I think with more swimming I will get used to the fin. The pocket size is excellent! For sure I will recommend you to any people I talk to about monofins and I will write some message on the deeperblue forum in a few days as well. Thanks again, One very happy customer. Best regards, Alex Basilewsky, Australia

La pinna va bene e sono soddisfatta, soprattutto per come la intendevo e per l'utilizzo che ne volevo fare. Mi devo solo abituare di nuovo ad una pala un po' più dura. Quest'anno ho dovuto nuotare solo con un paio di mono molto tenere(gare ed allenamenti, sob!), perché non ne avevo più di integre!
Alessandra, Nuoto Pinnato Vicenza

Ancora ti ringrazio per la gentilezza di avermi portato la pinna...e che pinna!!!!( Ne sono entusiasta e spero che mi regali la possibilità di ottenere qualche risultato agonistico. Non sono una grande esperta ma ne ho provate parecchie e avevo sempre problemi con pale troppo dure o scarpette troppo strette o troppo larghe....quello che mi ha impressionato è che è stata fatta proprio come avevo richiesto, per cui cè un altro allievo del mio club che ne vuole una.
Paola Negrini, Italia

I was afraid that the equipment which I had ordered Triton Equipment arrives in poor condition because of the transport but not, fins and snokels are intact. I really appreciate the work which realized all the team of Triton and exchanges that I have to have with Maksym. The seriousness and the ability to react are two very important factors in the trades and it has know to apply them Good courage to all the team generally and to Maksym in particular because I think that everything was not easy with me and I hope that we shall continue to work together. Good work Maksym.
Best regards, Gino, Guadeloupe F.W.I

Dear Max,
I just received my Flyer. I have to say that I'm very happy with it! It is indeed very confortable. I was just amazed the first time I put in on! And it is also without comparison in regard to my first monofin. You did a great job!
Best regards, Felice Mastroleo, Belgium

Hey Triton,
Tried the new fin in the pool and it was excellent! Even though the blade is smaller than my first fin - it seems faster and easier to swim with. I was able to do 40 minutes of 50 meter laps with no problem It seems almost frictionless by comparison - and moves me through the water with much less effort. The comfort of the footpockets is a real surprise. I am very happy with my new fin!
Christopher Morey, USA

Hi Max
I used the fin last week at our competition where I did a 179m dynamic, which is a new national record and ranks me world number 2 ever in the AIDA womens rankings.
Kathryn Mcphee, New Zealand

Hello Maksym,
I have received the hyperfin. It in a perfect shape, the footpocket size is ok (I am surprised that foot pocket is much more comfortable than my another manufacturer foot pocket!). I am really happy. This seems to be a good job!
Florian Gerault, France

I purchased a Hyperfin from Maksym last year and am VERY happy with it, it has improved my freediving performances greatly.
Bjorn Nielsen, Australia

The fin seems great. It's everything I wanted. I love the shape of it too. Thank you very much.
Mark Song, Singapore

I like your fins very much, especially hyperfin. I had a national long distance competition which is the most largest game in Japan. Then, I won the game with your fin!!! Thank you very much for finest fin!!!
Kazushige Oshita, Japan

I, finally, got my new Hyperfin today and went to the pool to try it out. I love the fin. The angle is great and the footpockets seem to be pretty comfortable for a brand new fin.
Jon Zeaman, USA

Mon 14 July I contacted Max at Triton and he said he could make a fin to specs required (which another fin manufacturer didn't manage), send it well packaged and get it here before our competition. I must say I was a little sceptical but he seemed really friendly and onto it. Thurs 17 July I transfered the money for the fin and Max got to work on it. Mon 28 July the fin was posted. Tues 5 August, just under three weeks after I'd ordered it my new fin arrived and I'm pleased to say it was fantastically packaged in a wooden crate-like frame. My requests to Max were that the fin was more neutral than buoyant, good glide angle, side rails and good packaging. While the fin still floats up from the bottom of the 2m deep pool it is a great level of reduced bouyancy for me and I no longer have that huge uncomfortable arch through my back. I can even wear the same amount of weight as with no fins which is great (had to add 2kg with another manufacturers fin). It roughly one more kick per length I think (haven't tried it in the 25m pool to really figure this out as yet) but it's a lot more comfortable so should that should balance it up. The fin seems to bend in all the right places (not through footpockets) so I'm pretty happy. It does create pretty intense pain after about 10 minutes of use but I figure that's normal for a new fin and apart from a little pressure on my left big toe the fit is firm but fairly even. It feels a little stiffer than expected, probably a bit closer to a medium rather than soft fin, but not too much of an effort to move.