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Mission and Objectives

Triton has a dream to make the best fins possible.

Dear friends!
We are very glad to represent Triton company. Our company located in Kyiv, Ukraine and consists of coaches, sportsmen and former sportsmen. Triton wishes to be considered by top athletes, as well as by every water sports lover, as the reference brand for best performing equipment.

We believe that our brands real strength, and one of the keys to its success, is the ability to leverage its experience and competence in the field of top competition equipment, at the same time investing on research and innovation, to develop a best-in-class product range.

Our aim is to use our experience in fin building from 1980th and make the best fins, offer good service for comprehensible price.

We guarantee you high quality of all materials used in fins building and term of usage minimum 1 year for TOP finswimmers and 2-3 years for recreational swimming.

We ll appreciate any comments and suggestions concerning our equipment and service.

Sincerely, finswimming coach, ex world record holder Yuriy Volodin, European champion Maksym Moroz, Ukrainian champion Evgeniy Volodin.