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Monofins, flyers and especially hyperfins are very individual products. The same fin can fit to one person perfectly but not so good to another. That is why we announce individual approach to every customer. Before we start to produce a fin for you, we ask as much information about future owner of a fin as possible. First of all we are interesting in:
- Choosed products;
- Gender;
- Date of birth;
- Weight;
- Hight;
- Shoesize (additional information about feet dimensions if neccessary);
- Distances where will be mainly used a fin (only for professional sportsmen);
- Best results or forecast result on a distance (only for professional sportsmen);
- Conditions where will be used a fin;
- Experience in fin swimming (please notice previous fins if you had and comments);

- Expected angle (for hyperfins only);
- Expected buoyancy (for hyperfins only);
- Video of technique (if possible).

We order the best materials for your fin from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. Some kind of fiberglass materials used even in space industry during the USSR.

During manufacturing we test your fin after every step. We make special lamination of fiberglass which will fit special for owner, control buoyancy, weight, dimensions. When fin is ready we test it in the swimming pool. If one of our sportsman has similar characteristic as an owner we ask to test him, swim control distances.

That is why, term of manufacturing of your hyperfin can be up 10 working days.

Feed back is very important for us. So, do not hesitate to write us in any questions, problems, suggestions etc:
- email: maksym.moroz08@gmail.com or finswimming@bk.ru

- skype: maksymmoroz

- icq   239922402

- or by tel. +38 050 358 85 25