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What is monofin

It is not a secret that swimming is one of the best sports people know. We are born from water. Our body consists mainly of water. Everybody knows that if you want to have a healthy child, it is necessary to take him to a swimming pool regularly. If you have problems with heart, back or want to have strong legs, arms, back, belly or just want to burn calories, swimming is one of the best ways to achieve that.

People were always imagining what it could be to swim like a fish, like a dolphin. Finswimming is the first sport where monofin was used for the first time in 1970. Inventors of monofin tried to mimic technique of dolphins. Today, monifin swimmers can reach up to 20km.h. Monifin is used in :
- finswimming;
- apnea;
- freediving;
- underwater orientation;
- just for recreational swimming in the sea or pool.

Monofins can be used to swim :
- at the surface of water, in swimming pools or in the sea;
- under water without air (apnea);
- under water with air provided by a compressed air tank.

Monofins can be made of fibreglass or carbon fibre. The diver's muscle power and swimming style, and the type of activity the monofin is used for, determine choice of size, stiffness, and materials.

The monofin swimmer extends arms forward, locking hands together, locking the head between the biceps. An undulating movement starts in the shoulders, with maximum amplitude towards the hips, legs (knees) almost don't bend to transfer the movement to the monofin most efficiently. This technique is called "dolphin kick".

Please, use this link to learn more about monofin swimming and perfect fins.